Our English in Center Program is characterized by offering a unique teaching-learning methodology, with the guidance and permanent monitoring of our teachers and classes given in each of our study houses, with a flexible schedule that allows our students to take their classes according to their time availability. A rotating teaching system, where our students have constant interaction with different forms of linguistic expression, given the contact with different teachers during their academic training. A 12-month program, divided into 4 academic levels: Basic, Intermediate I, Intermediate II and Advanced, where our final objective is to develop our students’ communicative language skills, which are reflected in their writing, speaking, listening and reading abilities. Study at the time of your preference and according to your work schedule as we have a flexible and Express schedule.


Our Online English program has a Portal Classroom , which allows interaction between our teachers and students during and after classes, in addition to technological tools that allow a class where the interaction between all its participants will take place in a natural and enjoyable way. Our students have a virtual library enriched with books, magazines and other material that contributes to their academic formation; the interactive books of our Portal, allow our students to organize their classes so that they can download the units according to the dates and contents worked on during the classes with their teachers. It is incredible how the teaching work is enriched in a virtual teaching system, thanks to all the technological tools that we have at present and the MARSAN GROUP is not unaware of it. Our system of class programming, both in the In Center and Online modes, will be given in real time and with an unmatched flexibility.


Our Face to Face Program offers our students the opportunity to learn the language in the comfort of their home or office. Our teachers take the service to the place of your preference, maintaining our unique methodology, with the flexibility and rotational service that characterizes us. A program with the same duration of 12 months, allows our students to learn the language, their preparation to achieve their TOEFL certification from the comfort of their home, without suffering with the permanent traffic of the city. Our In House students enjoy both the services of their own modality as well as access to virtual workshops in which they can participate as part of the In House academic service.


A totally modern, fresh program that allows the use of the tics in the teaching-learning process, the methodology used in this program is directed to children from the 8 years of age until the 14 years. This modality provides our children with an almost personalized experience given the number of students per classroom, as well as a special academic follow-up that each teacher carries out on each of the students in his/her charge. The didactic material specially designed for the use of a communicative and functional methodological strategy for our youngest students, makes this program the most friendly for students who have just become involved with the language learning.